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Yo! MTG Taps! Episode 16 – Now Available!

Yo! MTG Taps! Episode 16 – Polar Kraken Is Not A Happy Camper is now available!

Download it over on MTGCast or stream it below!

Joey & Bigheadjoe are joined by Dave Rockstar from 02drop.com to talk a bit about Legacy, the new reprint policy, trading strategies, and the latest spoilers from Rise of the Eldrazi!

Visit 02drop.com!

“New Standard” Open – May 1st in Baltimore

Rise of the Eldrazi spoilers on GatheringMagic.com

Bonus MTG Pronunciation Guide! (since we got it wrong on the ‘cast)
Gyre: jī(-ə)r (“jire”)

Grand Prix Brussels – the largest Standard tournament ever

StarCityGames Orlando

The Magic Cruise 3 is almost sold out! Register soon!

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