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Yo! MTG Taps! Episode 40 – Now Available!

Yo! MTG Taps! Episode 40 – Grindhouse is now available!

Download it here or stream it below!
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Double Feature! First up, Joey is joined by QuietSpeculation.com’s Kelly Reid to talk about the standouts from Scars of Mirrodin. Next, Bigheadjoe and Adam Styborski share some stories from Scars prerelease events. It’s a good thing we have Doom Blade around, because on Planet Terror, artifact creatures are Deathproof!

Kelly Reid’s MTG Finance website, Quiet Speculation

Tapped Out – A Deckbuilding site

Adam Styborski’s Pauper Cube blog

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Featuring music by:
Self TitledMatt & Kim
“Yea Yeah” (mp3)
from “Self Titled”
More On This Album

Music provided by IODA Promonet & used with permission.

Thanks for listening!

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