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MTGCast Announcement

All podcasters on the MTGCast Network received the following message from Chris Otwell yesterday evening. In an effort to spread the word as quickly as possible, I’m sharing it here.

Short version: All the old feed links are now dead. All subscribers will need to re-subscribe to any podcast feeds they were formerly subscribed to via MTGCast.

Note: Anyone subscribed to Yo! MTG Taps! via the link in our sidebar should be unaffected.

I come with a bombshell of bad news. Because of the recent website hacking that occurred, and complicated by the recent transition efforts to a new hosting platform with better performance, we have had our Categories database permanently destroyed, corrupted, and lost. This is a non-recoverable situation. After many, many hours of trying to find ways to either recover or salvage our subscriber base and categories linking within iTunes, I have finally given up. I can’t get the existing iTunes subscription base fixed. *ALL* Podcasts will have to be fixed MANUALLY… IE: Every iTunes subscriber will have to drop any podcasts that they have subscribed to in the past with the broken links, and then subscribed to a complete new set of Podcast feeds. Those iTunes feeds will be made active within the week. The Website’s new Podcast Feeds are available IMMEDIATELY.

In order to add those new links into iTunes, you will have to do a “Copy Hyperlink” on the RSS Subscription Link of the Podcasts that you want to listen too. Then in iTunes, go to “Advanced -> Subscribe to Podcast…”, and paste that information into the dialog text box. Then click OKAY. This will manually subscribe to the new MTGCast RSS Feeds within iTunes.

*EVERY* Podcaster, Host, and Fan will have to spread this information via Word of Mouth. It may takes from Weeks to several Months to manually rebuild the subscriber base again for each and every Podcast.

There is no other alternative. Trust me, I searched and searched. MTGCast has effectively lost its subscriber base. I can’t fix it, and instead we are now forced to rebuild it the long, slow, painful way.

I wish I could have found another solution. I truly do, but in the end… this is the only way.

The following is the entire website’s RSS Feed, which is fully operational: http://www.mtgcast.com/?feed=rss2

Thanks for your support. Please spread the word so that we can rebuild as quickly as possible.

Christopher E. Otwell

PS: There is also a RSS Feed Customizer on the website that can work as well, and is located at: http://mtgcast.com/?page_id=5472

EDIT: Here’s a video tutorial from Marshall (of Limited Resources podcast) for creating the custom RSS feed:

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