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Balthor the Defiled Commander By Bigheadjoe EDH BRAH

Sup jerks?

(An aside about the beginning of this post: I have no idea how to write HTML code, so I went to my last post on here and copied the image code. I accidentally highlighted the words “Sup jerks?” from said post as well, but decided that, as you are all COMPLETE AND UTTER JERKS, to go with it.)

(As an aside to my aside, I hope that you are all familiar with my sense of humor by now. 😀 )

Lately I have been getting a lot of requests to share my Balthor the Defiled Commander deck. Well, it just so happens that I pulled the trigger on a Japanese Foil Balthor (Thank you Smedlock for the photo link) just last night. When Joey informed me tonight that yet another person was requesting the deck, I jumped at the chance to finally get around to it. I’m really excited about this deck and am about to begin the arduous task of finding the rest of the foils for it.

Before I post the current list, I want you all to take a look at the original list I posted back on November 9, 2009, on my long-deceased blog Otherworldly Journey. We had just posted episode TWO of Yo! MTG Taps! at the time of this blog entry. I had obviously just started building the deck and was far from finished getting the deck where I wanted it to be.

What a difference 22 months make!

BOLD indicates foil.
(J) indicates Japanese
Sets will follow each card name and will be represented by whatever 2-3 letter code I come up with for them.

    Balthor the Defiled

Balthor the Defiled JDG (J)
Creatures (35):
Apprentice Necromancer UD
Boneknitter ONS
Cemetery Reaper M12
Corpse Connoisseur SOA
Death Baron SOA
Filth JDG
Fleshbag Marauder SOA
Gempalm Polluter LGN
Geth, Lord of the Vault SOM
Grave Defiler APC
Grave Scrabbler FUT
Gravedigger ODY
Gravespawn Sovereign ONS
Grixis Slavedriver CFX
Grotesque Hybrid TOR
Khabal Ghoul ARN
Korlash, Heir to Blackblade (Prerelease Promo) FUT
Lord of the Undead Xth(J)
Mass of Ghouls FUT
Nested Ghoul MBS
Nightmare M10
Shepherd of Rot ONS
Skinrender Gateway
Skirk Ridge Exhumer FUT
Soulless One ONS
Stromgald Crusader COLDSNAP
Stronghold Assassin STR
Undead Gladiator ONS
Undead Warchief SCR
Vengeful Dead SCR
Vengeful Pharaoh M12
Visara the Dreadful FTV:L
Viscera Dragger SOA
Withered Wretch TSTS

Enchantments (7):
Call to the Grave M12
Enslave PLC
Gate to Phyrexia ANT
Phyrexian Arena APC
Tombstone Stairwell MIRAGE
Tortured Existence STR
Zombie Infestation ODY

Instants (2):
Songs of the Damned IA
Vampiric Tutor VIS

Sorceries (14):
Barter in Blood MRD
Beseech the Queen SHM
Black Sun’s Zenith MBS
Buried Alive WTL
Damnation MPR
Demonic Collusion TSP
Demonic Tutor REV
Diabolic Intent PLS
Dregs of Sorrow TEM
Ill-Gotten Gains US
Morality Shift JDG
Mutilate TOR
Sinkhole ALPHA! (Thanks, Tim McLaren)
Syphon Flesh COM

Artifacts (5):
Memory Jar (Signed) UL
Nevinyrral’s Disk (Signed) 4th
Sensei’s Divining Top CoK (yup that’s right I used the “CoK” abbreviation.)
Skullclamp FTV:E
Sol Ring (Signed) REV

Lands (36):
22x Swamp (all old card frame)
Bojuka Bog WWK
Bottomless Vault FE
Cabal Coffers Planechase
Crypt of Agadeem ZEN
Deserted Temple ODY
Lake of the Dead AL
Miren, the Moaning Well SoK
Phyrexian Tower US
Strip Mine (No Sky, No Tower) ANT
Subterranean Hangar MM
Thawing Glaciers Judge Foil
Unholy Grotto ONS
Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth PLC
Volrath’s Stronghold STR

So there’s the deck. I was going to get into more detail about why some of the cards are in the deck, and was even going to post another super awesome Commander list, but it’s now 6am and I can’t possibly stay up any later.

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  1. September 22, 2011 at 9:28 am

    Love the list. Looks a lot like my Balthor list. What cards are you excited for coming out of Innistrad?

    Also, what cards do you LOVE to play from your deck?

  2. September 23, 2011 at 12:18 am

    I am glad to have gotten to look at the deck in Baltimore and sorry Joe lol I know i remembered most of it lol and i was looking towards getting the deck built (not completely the same). looks like a great deck

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