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[Finance] Dual to Deck: Part 2

by Ryan Youngbar

Welcome back to Dual to Deck, this time we’ll go through what I got in the Innistrad box and see what kind of value we got. The average value of an Innistrad box is about $160, which would be nice, but let’s see if we didn’t do better 😉

Let’s start with foils and rares/mythics:

  • Avacynian Priest (Foil)-$0.25
  • Thraben Sentry (Foil)-$0.25
  • Grasp Of Phantoms (Foil)-$0.50
  • Ghoulraiser (Foil)-$0.25
  • Caravan Vigil (Foil)-$1.00
  • Festerhide Boar (Foil)-$0.25
  • Wreath Of Geists (Foil)-$0.50
  • Runechanter’s Pike (Foil)-$2.00
  • Witchbane Orb (Foil)-$3.00
  • Island #255 (Foil)-$1.00
  • Angel Of Flight Alabaster-$0.50
  • Angelic Overseer-$4.00
  • Champion Of The Parish-$4.00
  • Divine Reckoning-$0.75
  • Elite Inquisitor-$2.00
  • Mentor Of The Meek-$4.00
  • Back From The Brink-$0.50
  • Mindshrieker-$2.00
  • Rooftop Storm-$0.75
  • Snapcaster Mage-$30.00
  • Bloodgift Demon-$1.50
  • 2x Sever The Bloodline-($1.00) $2.00
  • Skirsdag High Priest-$0.50
  • Blasphemous Act-$1.00
  • Curse Of Stalked Prey-$2.00
  • Falkenrath Marauders-$1.00
  • Instigator Gang-$2.50
  • Stromkirk Noble-$7.00
  • Daybreak Ranger-$3.00
  • Essence Of The Wild-$1.50
  • Gutter Grime-$0.50
  • Kessig Cagebreakers-$1.00
  • Mayor Of Avabruck-$4.00
  • Moldgraf Monstrosity-$0.50
  • Parallel Lives-$3.00
  • Splinterfright-$0.75
  • Evil Twin-$0.75
  • Grimgrin, Corpse-Born-$3.00
  • Creepy Doll-$0.50
  • Grimoire Of The Dead-$3.00
  • Runechanter’s Pike-$0.50
  • Clifftop Retreat-$4.00
  • Kessig Wolf Run-$6.00
  • Nephalia Drownyard-$2.00
  • Stensia Bloodhall-$0.50
  • 2x Sulfur Falls-($6.00) $12.00
  • Woodland Cemetery-$6.00
  • Total-$127.50

The foils, rares, and mythics make up the lion’s share of the value of a box and at $127.50 it’s gonna be hard to make up that $160 expected value. We did pick up a Snapcaster, a stromkirk noble and several good lands. It was really in the mythic area that we fell short, opening 3 of the 5 lowest value mythics in the set.

Next are the commons/uncommon/tokens. I divided them into 3 categories: constructed staples, possible playables, and bulk. Cards in the constructed staples category are cards that are currently seeing play in standard and legacy decks. Cards in the possible playables category are cards that have potential to see play in standard as the block develops. The bulk category is made up of limited only cards and cards that I don’t even think Conley Woods could break in constructed. Here is a list of the staples:

  • 4x Doomed Traveler-($0.25) $1.00
  • 2x Fiend Hunter-($0.5) $1.00
  • 1x Intangible Virtue-$1.00
  • 1x Midnight Haunting-$1.00
  • 2x Purify The Grave-($0.50) $1.00
  • 3x Delver Of Secrets-($0.50) $1.50
  • 2x Dissipate-($1.00) $2.00
  • 3x Forbidden Alchemy-($0.75) $2.25
  • 4x Invisible Stalker-($2.00) $8.00
  • 2x Think Twice-($0.25) $0.50
  • 2x Diregraf Ghoul-($1.00) $2.00
  • 3x Morkut Banshee-($0.25) $0.75
  • 2x Unburial Rites-($1.00) $2.00
  • 2x Victim Of Night-($0.25) $0.50
  • 4x Ancient Grudge-($0.25) $1.00
  • 5x Brimstone Volley-($0.25) $1.25
  • 4x Geistflame-($0.25) $1.00
  • 2x Reckless Waif-($0.75) $1.50
  • 3x Traitorous Blood-($0.25) $0.75
  • 3x Avacyn’s Pilgrim-($0.25) $0.75
  • 1x Hollowhenge Scavenger-$0.25
  • 4x Naturalize-($0.15) $0.60
  • 2x Ghost Quarter-($1.50) $3.00

And commons and uncommon to the rescue. These guys bring my total to $163.10. Next up are the possible playables which for now I have just assigned blind values to. I’ve set commons at $0.10 each and uncommons at $0.20 each. These numbers are kind of arbitrary and I will try to hold these guys and not trade them until they hit the big time and become $0.25-$1.00 cards, or if someone asks for them specifically and is willing to pay a bit more. For reference here are the numbers:

  • 54x Uncommon-($0.20) $10.80
  • 116x Common-($0.10) $11.60
  • Total-$22.40

We’re now up to $185.50. A respectable number and a good starting point for the project. After all the good stuff is gone we’re left with 225 bulk commons/uncommons, a handful of basic lands and tokens, and a large stack of checklist cards and tip/trick cards. The basics and tokens will go into the binder as throw ins but the rest is basically trash as far as value goes. I’ll probably sign the tip/trick cards and give them out with trades for fun. If you know someone who sells bulk you can get rid of a couple hundred commons/uncommons for a buck or 2 in trade but if not I would suggest just donating these to casual players, new players, or charity on the off chance someone may actually find them useful or enjoy them. They really aren’t worth the hassle of storing or carrying around with you.

Depending on what value metric you use I would say we got good value out of the box. My first 2 goals will be to eliminate the bulk and break our high value cards into several smaller to midrange value cards. Next time will kick off the start of the real trading action, so make sure to check back for the latest installment of Dual to Deck.

*Prices listed are starcitygames prices. Most people use these prices as easy going rates during trades. I will not limit myself to Star City prices but unless otherwise noted assume a price given is a Star City price.

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