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[Finance] Dual to Deck: Part 5

by Ryan Youngbar

Welcome back, readers. I was successfully able to make it to Collectors Corner this week and I was eager to make up for lost time. I did my trading in between rounds at FNM, so without further ado, here are trades 6 through 10.

Trade #6

2x Desperate Ravings-$100
Total – $1.00
1x Vitu-Ghazi, the City Tree (foil)-$2.00
Total – $2.00

Desperate Ravings was some of the hot new tech that came out of Worlds and some are even calling it the new Preordain. I think it’s good in certain decks but certainly not a Preordain level card in terms of power or range of usability. I think it will find a home in one or two control decks but won’t really catch on, so I don’t really see its price rising too much. I traded these two away at $1 each for a nice foil casual card that I expect to get $3-$4 out of from a hardcore EDH/Commander junkie.

Trade #7

2x Sulfur Falls-$12.00
1x Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur-$5.00
Total – $17.00
2x Inkmoth Nexus-$36.00
Total – $36.00

So…fair trades huh? This is probably the trade I am gonna get the most hate from. Before the ripper comments start I want to say that 1) Chris knew the values of all the cards involved in the trade, 2) Joe, the person he shares a collection with, was aware of the values and also agreed to the trade, and finally 3) I traded with them both several more times that night, so there was no ill will about this trade. I would never make a trade this heavy in my favor from my personal stock. I prefer to use speculation and trade between markets to make profit off my normal trades. This project is all about trading up in one way or another, so unbalanced trades should be expected. My trade ethic for this project will be that if the other person knows all the values and still freely consents to a trade that is massively in my favor, I will accept it.

Trade #8

1x Bloodgift Demon-$1.50
Total – $1.50
1x Gutter Grime-$0.50
Total – $0.50

This trade was with the Joe who shares a collection with Chris from the above trade. Despite what I say about being fine with massive value gain for this project, I was still feeling bad about the Inkmoth trade. I wanted to make sure there was no ill will from the earlier trade and wanted to give some value back. Joe wasn’t looking for too much from Innistrad but he did need a Bloodgift Demon. I told him to pick the crappiest rare in his binder and I would trade it for a Bloodgift. He settled on the Grime and we made the swap. We then went on to make some sweet Modern and Legacy trades out of my personal stock.

It’s important to make sure your trade partners are happy with the trades they make with you. Repeat customers are always better than a single big score, especially when you do a lot of trading in the same store or community. If you’re a serious trader, your reputation on the trade floor is worth more than anything in your binder. If you have a good reputation, you’ll get lots of opportunities for good trades and people usually won’t mind giving up a little value. If you have a reputation as a cut-throat shark, no one will want to trade with you and you’ll be forced to find a new place to trade. Once your reputation is tarnished, it takes a lot of work and giving up a lot of value to get it back.

Trade #9

2x Tribute to Hunger-$1.00
1x Nephalia Drownyard-$1.50
Total – $2.50
1x Stromkirk Noble-$6.00
Total – $6.00

Austin was working on his Solar Flare deck and had actually borrowed some of the cards from the Dual to Deck binder earlier in the night with the intent to catch up in trade later. He flipped through the book to see if there was anything else he needed and the Drownyard caught his eye. I think the Drownyards will go up, at least to the price of the other rare ability lands from Innistrad. Keeping this in mind I put the yard at $3 and the Tributes at $1 apiece. He didn’t really seem to care what values I put stuff at and just told me to pick something I wanted. I pulled the Noble, a few enemy duals, and a Lavamancer and told him to pick whichever he was least attached to. He again said he really didn’t care and to just pick the one I wanted. I chose the Noble since I already knew someone looking for one. Picking several cards of about equal value and giving your trade partner the choice is a good trade tactic. It lets them feel in control of the trade and generally gives a positive atmosphere to trading with you. You can also gain value with this method by picking a few cards that are staggered in value. Your partner will look at them comparatively and usually balance the values, making a $10 card much easier to get for a $7 card if it’s in a stack with a $7 and $8 card.

Trade #10

1xSnapcaster Mage-$30.00
1x basic Island (foil)-$1.00
Total – $31.00
1x Sensei’s Divining Top-$12.00
1x Marsh Flats-$10.00
1x Garruk Wildspeaker-$4.00
1x Slagstorm-$4.00
1x Quicksliver Amulet-$2.00
1x Bloodghast-$3.00
Total – $35.00

This last trade was with myself. I will admit that I totally dropped the ball on Snapcasters. I figured that they would be about the price of Fauna Shaman in its prime ($15) so I didn’t preorder any for $20. Well, turns out Snapcaster is an all-star in every format. Oops. I was also hoping the fact that it was a rare in a large set that was very popular would keep the price down. Not even Magic Online redemptions have put a dent in this guy’s price, and guess who needs three for his Solar Flare deck. I got zero in my Japanese boxes and neither me nor my friend have cracked any from Limited events or prize packs. No one at the shop had any for trade, but no one was interested in trading for the one in the Dual to Deck binder either. Chas Andres would borrow stuff from his Pack to Power binder to play with in decks but I really didn’t want to do that with this project. If it’s in the binder, I need to make money off of it, it’s that simple. This meant I had to trade for it, and after waiting a month with no takers, I bit the bullet and made the trade.

While Snaps is a Standard-legal rare, he is also played in Legacy as a staple and thus trades like any other Legacy staple. I needed to trade other Legacy cards or high end casual cards to be able to make the trade without taking a huge hit in value. The fetch and Top are Legacy cards as well as good EDH/Commander cards. The Garruk, Amulet, and vampire trade well to casual players so they were worth close to full value in the trade. The Slagstorm was the only Standard card in the trade but it’s pretty hot right now so I felt okay picking that up as well for half value. The Island was a throw-in because I love foils and I always snag throw-ins when I can. When trading for Legacy cards the general rule is that other Legacy cards carry full value, popular casual cards carry 70%-80% of their value and Standard staples are usually only worth 50% of their price. I would never trade an older Legacy card for bulk rares but if you are trading a Legacy card for bulk rares you can reasonably expect to get a rate of $0.05-$0.06 on them instead of the usual $0.10-$0.12.

That’s all I have this week. As always, I would love to hear your reactions to the article in the comments section. If you have any questions or want me to cover anything specific in the world of Magic trade, leave a comment or hit me up on Twitter.

“Rebar” at Collectors Corner
@Brass_Gnat on Twitter

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