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[Finance] Dual to Deck: Part 6

by Ryan Youngbar

Welcome to the last Dual to Deck article of 2011. By the time this gets posted we will have already rung in the New Year, but below are the last six trades I made in 2011.

Trade #11

1xStromkirk Noble-$6.00
Total – $6.00
2x Nephalia Drownyard-$3.00
1x Gavony Township-$2.50
Total – $5.50

It looks like I took a loss here in my trade with Joe. This was not another trade to give back value from the Inkmoth trade, this was a speculative trade. Drownyard, along with Stensia Bloodhall is $1 cheaper than all the other rare ability lands from Innistrad. I don’t see Bloodhall doing too much but Drownyard’s effect is too powerful, especially in this block, to be that much worse than Wolf Run, Mooreland Haunt, or Township. I would pick these up now for $1 each or less and hold on to them. There will most likely come a time when this card is the hot land and you can ship them for $4 or $5. Previous examples of this are Wolf Run right after worlds and Haunt after U/W Illusions really started showing its power. Noble is relatively set in its value and will probably only fluctuate $1 each way over the next few months until Avacyn Restored is about to release when it could climb back up to $10. I would say that if you can pick them up at $5 and don’t mind holding them for four months, then it’s a good investment. I can’t afford to sit on cards that long with this project. I expect the lands to move sooner and as a result of deck performance, not a dwindling supply.

Trade #12

1x Marsh Flats-$9.00
1x Quicksilver Amulet-$2.00
Total – $11.00
1x Batterskull-$15.00
1x Woodland Cemetery-$4.00
Total – $19.00

Another trade with the same Joe! This trade happened a week after the previous trade, but in an effort to get caught up in the articles and try to provide fresh weekly trades, I’m combining three weeks of trading. Joe also happens to be one of the people at Collectors Corner that trades frequently and has a well stocked binder. In this trade Joe was looking to pick up the Flats for Modern and the Amulet for some goofy deck I’ll probably end up losing to at FNM. I wanted a solid Legacy/casual card for the Flats and Batterskull fits that bill. There are 4 or 5 different versions of Stoneblade running around in Legacy and each one needs a Batterskull so its value should be safe, even post rotation. The Amulet does what casual cards do when you find the right buyer: trade above their listed value. I grabbed the dual because unless they are reprinted in Magic 2013 they will stay $5-$7 cards the whole time they are in Standard. The price is lower now because the market is saturated with Innistrad product. Dark Ascension is just around the corner and with the announcement that Avacyn Restored will be a standalone set (draft wise), fewer and fewer of these will be opened, allowing their price to slowly creep back up.

Trade #13

4x Brimstone Volley-$2.00
4x Geistflame-$1.00
4x Ancient Grudge-$1.00
3x Reckless Waif-$1.50
Total – $5.50
1x Glacial Fortress-$3.50
1x White Sun’s Zenith-$1.00
1x Heartless Summoning-$2.50
Total – $7.00

Robert was trying to get a red deck together but didn’t have much in his trade binder. He’s been borrowing decks from the regulars and wanted to have his own deck. Red Deck Wins is the cheapest competitive deck and with a swap of Waifs for Nobles the deck is usable until the rare vamps can be tracked down. I honestly thought the Fortress was around $2 since they have been reprinted into the ground, so I ended up making a little more value than I intended on this trade. If you know a player is just starting out and doesn’t have much, PLEASE, please, please don’t pillage their binder for all valuables in exchange for your junk that they think is cool. All the red cards I traded are playable in respectable decks and with the values I thought his cards were at, at the time, the trade would have been even. That aside, I knew someone looking for Glacials, and the White Sun and Summoning were speculative trades. White Sun is the finisher of choice in the Cuneo/Martel U/W lists circulating, and while no one has come up with a good list for Heartless Summoning, it’s too good of an effect to not do something somewhere. I wouldn’t advise picking them up now, unless you know someone who wants them or you can get them as throw-ins. I know a few people who would be interested in a deck that uses this so I felt safe grabbing one here.

Trade #14

1x Gavony Township-$2.50
1x Glacial Fortress-$3.50
1x Mayor of Avabruck-$3.00
Total – $9.00
1x Green Sun’s Zenith-$6.00
1x Grim Lavamancer-$3.00
1x Rakish Heir (foil)-$1.50
4x Brimstone Volley-$2.00
1x Reckless Waif-$0.50
Total – $13.00

John was the one I picked the Fortress up for in my last trade. I flipped through his book and didn’t see too much besides some midrange-priced stuff, and since John does all his trading with a smartphone, we had to go up to work out a deal. Making a trade larger adds more flexibility in what is being traded and helps stop arguments over $1 or some change. A smartphone can present problems when trying to trade for value but if you’re pleasant to deal with and know your stuff you can still make money in these trades. This time the smartphone helped me out since the prices in my head for Fortress were lower than actual and higher than actual on Lavamancer. John knew about the project and knew I picked the Fortress up for the U/W humans deck he was trying to get together, so he was happy to make a deal. The Fortress wasn’t an issue since he was willing to go $4 or $5 on it but after we checked everything on Starcity, I noticed that Lavamancers had dropped from $5 to $3. In the original trade I still would have gotten $2 of value, but John noticed my red section was kinda empty and offered some extra red commons/uncommons to help fill it back in. Oh, and the reason I picked Green Sun and Lavamancer is their Legacy playability.

Trade #15

2x Inkmoth Nexus-$32.00
Total – $32.00
1x Garruk Relentless-$20.00
1x Phantasmal Image-$10.00
2x Isolated Chapel-$10.00
Total – $40.00
Keith had been interested in the pair of Inkmoths since I got them almost a month ago. Too bad for me that the price has fallen a bit on them since then:-p I wasn’t willing to part with them cheap, after all they are a 4 of in Modern affinity, otherwise known as the only Modern deck to top 8 a pro event and not have cards from it banned. Modern PTQs mean the falling price could rise back up, with $24 as a reasonable ceiling. I wanted $40 out of them in trade and I’m mostly happy with what I got. The Image is a good pick up both for the fact that it’s in a dominant type 2 deck and it sees play in Legacy as a 1 or 2 of to kill legends or just be an extra ‘goyf. Innistrad duals, again barring reprint, will hold good value for the next year and a half. The Garruk is where I’m a little worried. I needed something big in the trade and Keith had recently sold a lot of cards making his big boy binder slim pickings. Things that make me feel somewhat ok with Garruk are that he’s a walker, so he’ll always have casual appeal, will probably be the only dual faced planeswalker printed, and is not actually bad in the current Standard environment. I will be happy if I can ship him off at $25-$30.

Trade #16

1x Daybreak Ranger-$1.50
Total – $1.50
1x Spellstutter Sprite (FNM promo)-$2.00
Total – $2.00

The last Dual to Deck trade of 2011 turned out rather boring. Flash-forward a week or 2 from the last time I traded with John and he hates U/W Humans and doesn’t want to play it. He was now interested in making a U/G or possibly a U/G/r tempo/control deck. John had also just recently sold cards, but not just his high end stuff, pretty much everything. I really wasn’t looking to pick up in print commons and uncommons for a rare at this point so that left me with few options. I grabbed a promo Sprite because they have been seeing play as a 1 or 2 of in Legacy and there is hope for a blue deck in Modern now that Nacatl is banned. The real question is if Legacy players prefer foil of the original art or this alternate FNM art, guess we’ll see when I head to some Opens and GPs.
That’s all I have for Dual to Deck this week and this year. Hope your holidays were fun and not too hectic. It was a good almost 2 months for the project, adding about $85 to the binder. To kick off 2012 I’ll be holding a reader poll to pick the Legacy deck that will be this project’s end goal. While I’m not completely finished testing, I have found 3 decks that I enjoy and are competitive. Look forward to that and a year of awesome trades in 2012. As always, any feedback is welcome, even if it’s just to tell me I’m terrible at writing/trading, I want to hear it all, good or bad in the comments or on Twitter.

“Rebar” at Collectors Corner
@Brass_Gnat on Twitter

  1. Keith Cooper
    January 11, 2012 at 10:32 am

    You’re welcome by the way. With Sorin being spoiled the two Isolated Chapel’s I “threw” in should make you some bank!

    • Rebar
      January 12, 2012 at 11:03 am

      Almost makes me look like I know what I’m doing doesn’t it?;)

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