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[Finance] Dual to Deck: Part 8

by Ryan Youngbar

Welcome back to Dual to Deck. FNM this week was a little crazy, so I didn’t really get too many trades in. Before I get to the 2 trades I did get in, I wanted to discuss the issue of trading between Dual to Deck and my personal stock. After talking to a few people and some negative reactions in the comments, I am going to discontinue this practice. Trade 21 will be the last trade I do between this project and my personal trade binder until the very end of the project when I am ready to get cards for my Legacy deck. I made trade 21 before my last article went up (and started getting negative responses) and have since traded away some of the cards I got in that trade. There’s no going back on these trades, they’re done and in the books, but there won’t be any more in the future until the close of the project. I will miss out on some potential deals with this decision but since I’m doing this trade project publicly, it’s probably better that it stays as organic and legitimate as possible. With that out of the way let’s get to the trades.

Trade #21

1x Garruk Relentless-$25.00
1x Angelic Overseer-$3.50
1x Essence of the Wild-$1.50
His-me/my playgroup
1x Zur the Enchanter (foil)-$30.00
4x Phantasmal Bear-$1.00
4x Porcelain Legionnaire-$1.00
2x Oblivion Ring-$3.00
4x Vapor Snag-$2.00
4x Vault Skirge-$1.00
2x Merfolk Looter-$0.30
4x Ponder-$4.00

From the numbers this trade looks horribly skewed in my favor, but let’s take a look at it from some non-retail price perspectives. If we look at it from a buylist perspective the numbers are almost even, with me giving $14 for a little over $16. From the cash perspective we are again about even, my $18 for his ~$20. The reason this trade is actually much closer than the numbers let on is that while all those commons and uncommons may have $1.00 or so prices, they are not actually worth anything near that. The only way you’ll get retail prices on most of these is in trade, if you tried to sell these for retail yourself expect to only get laughed at.

As for why I picked this stuff up if it doesn’t really have much value–they move. Most of the commons/uncommons in this trade I have traded or sold playsets of in the last 2 weeks. They may not have actual money value but they do have good trade value. U/W Tempo in all its forms is the hot deck right now and I want to be stocked appropriately. The Zur is a pickup I normally wouldn’t make unless I wanted it for my personal collection. You can only get the full $30 out of it from a collector or EDH player; both groups are smaller niche markets. Since there was some risk involved I didn’t want to give more than $20 on it in trade, knowing worst case scenario I can buylist it for $15. If I wasn’t planning on hitting a few Star City Opens and Grand Prix this year I probably wouldn’t have touched it. The Garruk and Angel were picked up since my playgroup may end up using them, and the Essence will go into one of our EDH decks.

Trade #22

1x Garruk Wildspeaker-$4.00
1x Mindbreak Trap-$5.00
1x Bloodghast-$3.00
4x Ponder-$4.00
1x Misty Rainforest-$13.00
1x New Phyrexia booster pack-$4.00

Robert contacted me on Twitter asking if I still had the Green Sun’s Zenith from trade 14. I told him I did and would hold it for him till we met up Friday at Collectors Corner. When we actually sat down to trade he threw me a curve ball. In addition to a normal trade, he wanted to trade an unopened booster pack. He had Scars, Besieged, and New Phyrexia and said he didn’t care which was traded. I told him I couldn’t do a pack in a trade for the Green Sun since it was a Legacy staple, but if he found something else I’d be willing to add a fun twist to the project. With this in mind I was still busy looking through his trades for something I’d take for a Green Sun and came up with a Zendikar fetchland. In the end, Robert decided not to pick up the Sun but instead go for some casual and Modern cards. I chose New Phyrexia since it has the most value spread through the commons and uncommons, whereas Scars and Besieged had its value mostly in mythics and rares. Keith was watching the trade and looked excited that I was willing to pick up a lottery ticket. When the trade was over, before I could leave or consider being a miser and just keeping the pack unopened to trade as is, Keith told me I had to open it then and there. This was more for fun anyway, so I agreed. I was greeted with the following:

And…this is why I don’t gamble. I somehow managed to miss every money common and uncommon in the set. The overall value of the pack was around $2.00 making the trade a loss of $1. Like I said, if anything serious had been on the line I wouldn’t have done this, but for a set of Ponders (while a Legacy card, has been printed into the ground) it was worth a few laughs. I fully expected the fail music from The Price is Right to start going off after looking at the pack contents, but it did add an interesting story to the project and could have just as easily ended with me rocking a foil Sword of War and Peace.
Before I close for the week I wanted to touch on a certain spoiler from Dark Ascension. Grafdigger’s Cage seriously made me wanna flip a table as soon as I saw it. After a full night of raging and bitching on Facebook and Twitter, I decided to take Bigheadjoe’s advice to stop bitching and start brewing instead. There was a real chance that this card made Reanimator and Dredge lousy decks, and since they were 2 of the 3 possible end goals of the project I wanted to get some testing in. Reanimator was hurt the least since it already plays counter magic and has the Show and Tell plan in the board to fight extreme graveyard hate already. The real test was Dredge, and surprisingly it wasn’t so bad. The closest thing to compare Cage to for its effect on Dredge is Leyline of the Void, except it doesn’t actually remove the cards. This means you can stock your graveyard freely and the turn before you wanna go off, Chain of Vapor the Cage and you’re set. If they have Cage plus something like Tormod’s Crypt it is tougher but if they had Leyline and Crypt, you probably weren’t winning anyway. All in all I would say I overreacted and both Dredge and Reanimator are still viable deck choices so long as you are prepared.
With that in mind, please don’t let the Cage bias your decisions when voting. I’ll see you next week when I hopefully will have more trades. Any and all comments are welcome, as you can see I take all feedback into account, even hate and trolling. Remember to vote by next Thursday the 26th, if I don’t get enough votes, a 6 sided die may decide the fate of this project and we have all seen how bad I am at random chance.

“Rebar” at Collectors Corner
@Brass_Gnat on Twitter

  1. January 19, 2012 at 1:18 pm

    Good article, too bad you didn’t have more trades. What exactly are we voting for?

    • Rebar
      January 19, 2012 at 7:35 pm

      The voting is for which legacy deck should be the goal of the project. The 3 choices are Dredge, Reanimator, and ANT (as you can tell, I have a problem)

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