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[Finance] Dual to Deck: Part 11

by Ryan Youngbar

Welcome to this week’s slightly delayed, but still up Dual to Deck. We’ve started getting more new people at the shop on a regular basis, which improves the trade environment drastically. I’m not sure if it’s due to the change in Planeswalker points or because of the decline in tempo dominance (Vapor Snag, Snapcaster, flashback Vapor Snag got old fast when the whole room was doing it), but whatever the reason, I’m happy to have new players coming to the shop. Still a little upset about missing trades at the Grand Prix though, so I was determined to start making up for lost ground at FNM.

Trade #39

1x Inquisition of Kozilek-$3.00
1x Wild Nacatl (foil)-$2.50

It looks like we’re down a bit here but Modern season is almost over and when it is the price on inquisition will fall back to $1.50 or so. Foily Nacatls on the other hand will always have a home in Legacy and cube. It’s banned in Modern, had a special all-foil booster printing, and is still close to $3.00. It can only go up over time making this a good trade for an Eternal targeted project like this.

Trade #40

1x Grimgrin, Corpse-Born-$5.00
1x Drowned Catacomb-$6.00
2x Coralhelm Commander-$6.00

Ugh. This was a train wreck. When did Grimgrin go up to $5.00 and why? I guess Commander likes him more since Dark Ascension really powered up zombies, but most Commander players like foil generals so I’m at a bit of a loss here. My trade partner put the Coralhelms at $4.00 each and would only give $5.00 on the Catacomb which would have made the trade work if ole Grimgrin was still at $3.00. I was ok giving a little more on the Coralhelms since they’re Modern and Legacy playable and Catacomb has been printed into the ground. I guess I was too happy to be getting rid of Grimgrin, who has sat in my binder unwanted for almost 4 months, to really think too much about it. I didn’t know all my prices and got burned by another value trader. The MtG finance game is an information war; I got lazy and paid the price for it. I can’t be too mad about this and just have to make the most of the Coralhelms I got.

Trade #41

2x Bramblecrush-$0.50
2x Full moon’s Rise-$1.00
2x Villagers of Estwald-$0.30
3x Moonmist-$0.75
2x Prey Upon-$0.30
2x Gnaw to the Bone-$0.30
1x Thalia, Guardian of Thraben-$4.00
1x Drogskol Captain-$2.50
1x Lingering Souls-$2.00

This person was working on a Mono-Green Werewolf deck. I asked him why he didn’t want red since a lot of the better werewolves are red or red/green. He said he just liked green but no one seemed to have the cards he needed. He cracked a few Innistrad packs and got some things from other people but was still missing commons and uncommons. I traded him some rares for the deck out of my personal stock then told him to go through the common/uncommon section of the Dual to Deck binder to see if there was anything he wanted. He was originally upset since he found so many things he wanted but didn’t have much to trade besides what was left from opening Innistrad and Dark Ascension packs. He seemed kinda new to trading and was amazed that you could get more than 1 card for 1 of his cards. This is a shark’s ideal prey and if he hadn’t been already, I’m sure he was gonna get taken for a ride. The Thalia was pack fresh but the Souls and Captain had seen heavy play. I knew a few people looking for Souls and Captains that probably wouldn’t care about the condition and I’m still speculating on Thalia being a player in Legacy. I told him to pull all the cards he wanted from the Dual to Deck binder. What seems like a rip off if you look at the numbers was a good trade for both people. I gained value and he got cards he wanted that no one else had. After the trade he ran over to his friends, excited and told them how many cards he just got for 3 of his. He was really happy to get what most of us consider junk, so carrying some bulk with you is never a bad idea.

Trade #42

4x Vault Skirge-$2.00
4x Tragic Slip-$3.00
1x Lotus Petal-$3.50

This trade looks like a loss too but is actually a win. I would gladly trade stacks of Standard commons for Legacy/cube cards at a $ loss any day. A few years from now the 8 cards I traded will probably only be worth $2-$3 if they’re lucky while the Petal will be $5 or more and trade much better. This is a case where the numbers (the $) are not important but the value of the card is. I will again say how much I love commons/uncommons at my shop.

Trade #43

1x Baneslayer Angel-$7.00
3x pyroblast-$4.50
1x Ensnaring Bridge-$5.00

My casual and Modern 2-of for some good Legacy sideboard cards. He was happy to get rid of cards no one else wanted from his binder and I was glad to trade away the angel before Modern season ended and she dropped to $5 again.

Trade #44

1x Cosi’s Trickster-$0.50
1x Sol Ring-$5.00
1x Inferno Titan-$5.00
1x Gavony Township-$2.00

Super happy to get rid of these 2 cards. The Sol Ring has been sitting in my binder since like the 3rd trade of this project and Trickster didn’t pan out as a Modern Merfolk card like I hoped. Inferno Titan is back on an upswing with all the tokens running around and Township will be a casual favorite for as long as casual Magic exists.

Trade #45

2x Coralhelm Commander-$6.00
1x Sower of Temptation-$8.00

I didn’t make as much on these guys as I wanted to make up for my poor trade earlier but I still like this trade. Sower goes in more decks than Coralhelm, it’s a great cube/EDH card, and it’s always better to trade up smaller cards into bigger items.

Trade #46

4x Diregraf Ghoul-$4.00
1x Grim Backwoods-$1.00
1x Stromkirk Noble-$7.00

RDW has had off and on success this season but the current Pro opinion is that Red isn’t a deck. It still shows up occasionally to win Star City Opens and Mono Red will always be a deck in every format. It’s not a popular deck right now which means it’s more expensive staples such as Nobles and Chandra’s Phoenix are cheaper than they should be, or at least people don’t value them as highly. Noble is still a good pick up at $5. My trade partner was looking into B/G zombies so he could use Prey Upon with Phyrexian Obliterator. Sacrificing Geralf’s Messenger to Backwoods to draw a card and do 2 more points doesn’t seem terrible either.

That’s all I have this week. Next week will mark the 4 month point in the project, so it seems like a good time to do a retrospective on the project thus far. I’ll also go over my plans for the future of the project and put up a decklist and sideboard as the end goal of the project. I can also do a Q & A segment if anyone has questions or concerns about the project or trading in general. You can leave any questions in the comments below or send them to me on Twitter. As always, thanks for reading and see you next week.

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